martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

Playing with paper

When is was a child i like to played with paper. Yes, that is it, with paper. Well... the paper offers many possibilities; you can twist it, crushed it, draw in it or aplly fire or water and make new things.

I don’t know why, but i always used to play with paper. First i write a few words o do some drawings (i never was good making drawing), and then i wrinkled the paper and make ships wit it; since aircraft or space ships until battleships (and after i made sea battle on the shower).
I remembered that for some reason, always were papers at my home. My parents worked at the telephone company of Chile and they brought constantly notebooks (that ones where you write thing with a pencil, not the modern notebooks with plugs and lights, etc...). So in my first year like a baby, with a few months until the first year i only marked with a pilot marker and then when i grrew up i made simple letters or unique messages. But, i didn’t know that the writing is only for information, so i also destroy the paper and made funny thing with it.
My parents work during the day and my sister went to school at morning, so i was only with my babysitter while she did the homeworks (i went to garden school at the late). So passed many years until my sisters found and discovered that i can write, some of the reason that i conserve practically the same caligraphy of those days....

2 comentarios:

  1. enjoy and simple play :)
    you would make many beautiful things (figures) with paper.

    regards Andres!

  2. Jajajaja. I like playing with paper, but in the class. I speak about a paper war. It´s great.