lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010

A Perfect Day

It seem that a perfect day is there when all things go perfect. And i had a day like that a couple of years ago. I’ ve been in many amazing places, beautiful enviroments or spectacular sites, but my best memories are here in Chile.

One day i had a date with a girl, she was my love of my youngest days in the school. That day all was perfect, since the departure near our homes, the walk cross the trees and squares of Santiago and all the moments with her. I remember that we ate donuts! and natural juices.
This was during my first year at university, and i was older and have more experencie, so i know that to do and how!. The day was so perfect that i didn’t want to fail with nothing, so i only walk with her and talk of many things. One the most important things was win her confidence.

Many years later, i kissed her in front oh her house bellow a beautiful tree. Nevertheless, i will always remember that first date That is my idea of a perfect day, that sentiment of well-being with someone that you really want to be, and make happy above all other things or problems.
Maybe in the future i will pass for difficults stages in my life, or maybe will have best experiences, more intenses or with many knowledge for my true spirit, but that memorie always will make me laugh or be happy, whenever i need it.

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