martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

A one in one with a writer

One historical figure of the literature’s world is William Faullkner. He was one of the best writers in history and one the most important in USA, is commonly used like model for other writers because he had a amazing perception of the real world and the sentiments of the people. He knew so many of the intentions of true mind’s people that he developed a new form way to write: the multi narrator voice that allow to the reader see the story of the book for each character's perception and their opinions of the same fact or the withing monologue that reach the reasonement of the human condition. For these reasons and his magnificents works he won the nobel prize at 1949.

He is probably considered like the first modernist in the decade of 30’ at United State, following the tradition of writers of the size of James Joyce, Virginia Woolf or Marcel Proust, and will be the inspiration of many of contemproary sudamerican writers of the second half of the past century like Roberto Bolaño or Mario Vargas Llosa.
My questions would be like how he can survive in a world so bad and evil, but he knew that the worst form os evil is the human itself and a new perception of the actual society. Maybe he will andswerme with a new perspective and information that allows me get better at future like writer. And how he modeled so perfect the reality of the corruption and the perversion like in his book Sanctuary.

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