viernes, 5 de noviembre de 2010

Garbage Men

One job that is discriminated or, well seing not attractive for the common people is the one of trasher or like we know the “garbage guy”. Maybe is dirty and not recomendable, but i think that is not a boring job.

First, you need a good physical condition because you are always running behind the truck and you are beside the danger when your hands and feet are hanging on the truck. Also, you have to run and try to scape constantly of the dogs that try to catch you. And, over all this tips that you need to have, there are the principal reason of a great strong to take care the bags and don’t scrub the streets.

Other aspect that maybe will be interesting is the fact that if in the condition of a walker you see many strange and gorgeous things, being a garbage man will be more spectacular in the streets of city like Santiago that is so heterogenous and dangerous but always can be safely and attrative depending of the site that are you crossing.

When the job is done and you back to home, you only have to wash your body and care of the infectious of any scar. But, you will go to rest and prepare for another day crossing the city and cleaning every house that you find.

I don’t know nobody in this type of job, and maybe the people is not happy. But, if you don’t have problems with the bad smells and the sweeping craps, maybe you can reach a good physical form.

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