lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010

Gabriela Mistral

I think the greatest chilean in histoy and with so much difference is the poet woman and teacher Gabriela Mistral. She was one of summit of the latinoamerican poetry and won the nobel prize at 1945, the first prize after the second world war and the first woman that ever win the prize and the first latianomerican too.

She gained her motivation reading a few verses from his father and that was the one of the earliest reason for made her way of the poet. She can’t studied for be teacher because she didn’t have enough money, but with her knowledgement can reach the title of state teacher at the normal school of Chile.

Her first steps like poet was won the floreal games at the student federation of the University of Chile at the year 1914 with her work Death’s Sonets. Her seudonim is in honor to the french poet Frederick Mistral and the italian Gabriele d’Amunzio, her favourite poets.

I will not to say that she is better than Pablo Neruda, but her work for me is more spectacular, beautiful and full of sense speacially her work titled Desolation. I think that made the number of things that she did and won so much prestige around the world and elevate the chilean category at the world of letters is some that many people don’t appreaciate that they have to do. Actually theres people that have more discussion about her sexual condition and don’t know that it doesn’’t matter the condition of the human priorities, but the really import is the best that you do your life on the world. For me, Gabriela Mistral is the best that Chile has ever generated.

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