sábado, 16 de octubre de 2010

Sites to know in Santiago

A activitie that you should do in Santiago is, how not: eat and drink. Santiago is a big city full of strange places and sites where you can for a few coins or money buy a different types of food and afford you to know different aspects of the life, or in other words, marginal life.

If you want decent places you can eat good meats, specially t-bones steaks in the Good Boys!, or like we call “los Buenos Muchachos” in the commune of Estación Central. Or maybe you preffer a sandwich, sites like Django or the German Source (Fuente Alemana) can provide you huge and enormeous sandwiches of all types. But, if you want only chilean meals, you can visit el Hoyo, or in the Shakespeare language: the Hole. This restaurant has arrollados, perniles, tongues, costillars and other chilean typical foods. But also has drinks, a lot of drinks, and the most recommended is the “terremoto” (earthquake or actually the eight-point-eight), this beverage consist in pipeño (white wine) with pineapple ice-cream and a touch of granadine. There other establishments that have drinks like this, and you cand found in la Piojera (near our faculty) or las Tejas.

Talking about drinks. You can travel for the all the Alameda avenue and i have the certaince that you will find a lot of hundred of differents bars. There’s those with karaokes, with dance floor, with a lot of smoke, with junkers music machines, with silence and darkness, everything that you want. My favorite is one located near Baquedano, cross the Italia’ square. Don’t miss that one!, his name is Blasco.

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