sábado, 2 de octubre de 2010

Fiestas Patrias

Hi everybody
I’m going to talk about my fiestas patrias holydays. At first, i like to say that i went to Antumapu fonda with my classmates one week before the celebrations started and i had a really great time. With my friends we enjoyed drinking earthquakes and dancing cueca while a chilean band played typical songs in the middle of a great forest, because this is the faculty of agrarian sciencies.
This was a great opening for the bicentenary of our country, because at the week of celebrations i visited my family and made many activies, like barbecues or to elevate volantin at the yard. I really drank a lot, specialy beers and chilean wine.
I remembered my youngers days, when i was a child, the fiestas patrias was much better; because my grandfathers was alive. They really enjoyed the parties and teach chilean games to all their grandsons like the spin or the rayuela.

Anyway. The best thing of all, was one week after at the fonda Fau. This celebration is the biggest act that you can found at University of Chile, and people of every faculty came to celebrate with us. The agora was full of people, maybe thousands. So many people that it was very diffcult to cross from one side to another and very easy to lost yourself!. I enjoyed with my friends and get very drunk, but because that i can see many differents things and got fun with people of other carreers or from design, other Fau’s carreer. I remember drank a lot of ponche’s cup.

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