jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

Bio-Bio Persa

I don’t really like to buy things, or common things like clothe o fornitures. It seems that I can’t cross for a mall. I think is for the lights, the sounds and other types or perception caption that my mind can’t hold on. I know many types of malls, and in each country the malls are the same thing!
But, there’s one type of shop that I like: the second-hand shops or like we know: the ferias. There one specially that I really enjoy to be at the place: the bio-bio persa. I don’t know why that second hand shop have that name, maybe the reason is a street, but the street is Franklin, so…

The first time that I went to that site was a long time ago, when I was a child. My father took me there to buy me a toy. When I was a child I didn’t have many toys, so I was really excited that day. My father bought me a gorilla (oh my god! I really remember that gorilla).
So, from many years ago I’ve been learning each hiding place of persa bio bio and really it’s a amazing place: a site of extreme black market with things that you couldn’t find in other site or shop.

When I pass to my young time, I started to look for second-hands shop, and since that days I’ve bought many books, some of that I hardly could find in normally libraries, even in public libraries (not in the ones that you can buy books). For that reason, my favourite place to shop is the persa bio-bio; every time that I go I earned a new book!
PD: By the way, now the persa have web page! This tool didin’t exist in my time!


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  1. I like this place to. But I don´t go often because when I´m there I want all !!