martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010

Students for Chile

Since many years ago, the education in chile had low it power against the trade and the laws of the market. In this sense, the public schools and universities, like our, had been punched by the government who wants to increase the prices of the careers.
The real problem is the AFD (or DFA in english - direct fiscal aport). The actual government, leaded by the president of Chile from the right wing (piñera, a real bad men) and the ministery of education wants to dissappear the AFD for all the public universities and convert in a collective investmen scheme who involve the public and the private universities. This policy is bad for the public school of the north and south of the country, because they can't compete with the private university who has amazing mounts of money. For example, to the majoritie of public universities will go young students of low resources, and they will obligatory has to choose a credit or some type of financiment with schoolarships. But the gevernment wants to remove the solidary credit (it has 2% interest rate) too, and set the private credits like the one of the banks (with at least 8% interest rate).
For this reason the students ledt their pens and books and confront against the government with strikes and movement for the education. But, the bad think in my opinion, is that many ministers were at the "national union movement" in their younger years. Like Hinzpeter and other ministers, this movement align the students that lean and support the goverment of the dictatorship times... so they are a really gloomy and dismal people.

I was at the two times when the police attack our faculty with lacrimogen bombs and watergun cars. It was really scare, because with the gas we couln't breath and see anything, and was very painful.
The first time i was left soak from feet to head and with a extreme smell of lacrimogen gas. Affortunadly the people of Antumapu who was with us, prepared a fire and all of us can to dry.
The last attack was the last Thursday. At least seven or eight lacrimogen bombs fall into the faculty and many classrooms was affected too. But the worst thing was the rubber bullets . The police say after the attack that had been paintballs, but i was there and saw really danger rubber bullets. It was terrible...

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