martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

Radiohead in Chile

Hi everybody, i’m going to talk about a great concert i went last year, at march. Arround the last days of that month, came to chile the band called Radiohead. That was the first time that arrived to Chile, and everybody was happy.
I woke up that day so excited that i didn’t go to class and waited my partner Rafael at Ñuble Station. We walked and cross the streets arround National Stadium looking for the entry, and finally our searching gave us the regard of found the concert at 12:00 p.m.
This band is from england, and their leader is Tom Yorke. They have a extraordinay song, called “Creep”, released in 1992. That was the first song played at the concert, and ALL the people song it. It was awful becaude i can’t listened anything.
The illumination was amazing, and i was frightened with the combination. I was very weird, with colours between blue and silver cross large glasses.

I enjoyed very much with the songs specially with “House of Cards” and “2 + 2 =5” because the people turned crazy annd jum and scream a lot. But at least they allowed us to listened the songs.
When appeared the song called “Paranoid Android” was like a allucinations because the people started to move slowly with the electric keyboard and the voice solo while a suspect scent cross the air and smell funny.
When the concert was finished, i bought a beautiful flag of the band and ate a hot dog. After that i went to my sis´ house and enyoed with my memories.

4 comentarios:

  1. the mauro went too
    I dislike radiohead
    wuakala :P

  2. Hi, a question...why in the song 2+2 = 5? the answer is five?...your know the why???,
    see you

  3. cut one's wrists with this group, is good but very depressive. bye totifle

  4. Readiohead is a good band, I love your vocalist, she have a great voice.

    great that you had can to went at the concert :)

    a hug*