miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

My little buddy

My friend Javier

He study Arquitecture at University of Santiago of Chile. But he really is a extraordinary painter and musician.

I know him from the school since we were at secundary. He became one of my best friend when we race together the catholic program of pre-universitarian students.
I always drink with him, it makes me laugh and we talk about different ways of art. Because i love the arts of words and he the arts of the colours and sounds. Ussually i pay the beverages and he the food (because he has tickets).

We never calculate good when we drink, so often we are very drunk...

We used to trick the sopaipillas sailors at the preu exit, at Santiago's downtown. Like one time when we buy a lot of sopaipillas only with one coin (i know a wonderful hand trick).

I missed him, because he coul'd be at my same faculty or like you know "the FAU". But i'm pretty sure that he is very happy at that university, and i hope that he will be a great architect and i can always see him when we going to drink beers. And believe me, we drink a lot.

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  1. Hi!

    Who is his name? can you complete this post?
    jajajaj that heavy....is joke!
    See you