domingo, 6 de junio de 2010

My favorite subject

My favorite subject at Geography is climatology!!! or well, was when i had that subjet. The climatology try yo explain the differents ways of the air knowledgement and the atmospherics process of the earth planet.
In fact, is the study of climate, defined as weather conditions averaged over a period of time and is a branch of the atmospferic sciences. The study of this aspects, and other effects and any air system have on the atmosphere, include the meteorology, and the atmospheric chemistry and physics with focus on weather forecasting. The changes, short and long, at time, define average climate and their change of time, due to both natural an anthropogenic climate varability.

For this and other reasons i like this subject. And also there are a many differents types of clouds, like nimbus or cirrus. They are amazing, because you can always look the sky and see differents thing at each one!

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  1. I thought that was the Glaciology....the poesy of rimaya!!! you remember!!!


    See ya!