lunes, 7 de junio de 2010


My best holiday summer was in 2003 at Las Vegas, Nevada.

Really, it was a strange travel. And in fact, was in summer! because here in Chile we were on winter, but at USA was a beauty summer.
First, we arrived at LA, California. After a trip of fourteen hours. It was really hard, because there was a scale at Lima, and joined us many peruvian people. I am not racist, but it was annoying the baby's screams at the plane. I think that people maybe were for work, but who knows...

Was very hard understand the functioning of the airport system and air departures. We only had one hour to take the transfer to Las Vegas and we couldn't find our bags. Anyway, all finish good, but one time at the plane, was a United Nations airplane, not a Lan plane. That airline was on bankrupty, and the plane was very strange. It couldn't take enouugh velocity for rise up and fall on earth with a great sound like a BUM!. I was really scare, but the people didn't give many importance. The second try was success.
Las Vegas was amazing, very hot and rain continously; tropical rains two or three times at day and very shortly (five or ten minutes).
The city is in the northest of the Mojave Desert, so imaging that place...


If you think that you only go to Las Vegas to play at the casinos you are wrong! extremely wrong!

The hotels are the best atraction of the city, because they are small cities in fact!. They have everything, malls, zoos, arts galleries, dance halls, museums, restaurants, electronic games, even rivers!!!.
The hotels represent different cultures, like the egipcian, the medieval, or big cities such as New York, Paris or the old Rome. In it you can see the principal atractives of each one, like in New York the halls are the streets of that city! even with the fog out of the sewers.

Althought, how may be, the gambling machine are everywhere. A lots of them on big halls or rooms with all classes of games: poker, fortune's wheel, blackjack, dices, etc.. etc... If you are under age (18), you can't pass though the machines, but you can't play. And the clothes doesn't matters (like in Chile, where you may have etiquet or suit cloth...), only they want you don't run naked.
Perhaps the interest of the casino's owners is win your money, because evertything else is very cheap. My hotel at the centre costed about 15 dollars per night for three persons (yes, you read good), and the breakfast was fantastic (but fat): french fries, onions, eggs and bacon!. Everyday!.

I always going to remember the Bellagio Hotel with it fantastic water music show

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  1. This pictures, were taken for you???

    akjakjak!!! See you!!

    AH! Don`t forget of my book!!!!

  2. okkkkkkkeeeyy,,, your holidays were boring. Las Vegas is a city for winner like you know.

    thanks for the dolphin, xD

  3. Jaja, while we have our holidays "here", HE can go to the USA. That city seems an interesting place, but I preffer the nature, have you go to the great Canyon?