miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010


I deciced study Geography for many reasons.

There a long time between these days and those far days when i finished the school. I was a pre-university student at catholic program of Catholic university. Nevertheless i enjoyed going out before the classes being over, and go to food carts with my friends, and always laugh a lot and very loud at classes producing the angry of my teachers.

When I did the PSU, i decided that the test would choose my life. Any of my destinies will be that of my score.
However, i always love the literature, but i know that a good Writer it’s made of auto-didactic and personal training, not with the opinions of other persons, specially teachers.

My score on PSU (660 aprox.) don’t allow me to study big carreers like law, sociology or history. But i really didn’t want be a person like that, like a teacher, or historian and less a lawyer!!!

So I had to choose between have a type of formation on literature that could makes me a little better or…. study a beauty carrer like a hobby, because I really longed for the University; a carrer that would give me time for my passion, the literature and the writing.

I chose good.

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