miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

Chile started the road to the championship!

This morning, my father woke up me at 6:30 a.m. because he and my mother went to work very early to watch the match at their jobs.

I was watching videos and other thing, until the national song. At that moment, i stop doing thing and got concentrated for watch the match of Chile and Honduras.
Was a really exciting and great start for Chile. We attacked for each sides, minute at minute and push Honduras to their own side of the camp.

When we made the first goal was excellent!. After a great play of our team and a excellent pass of Matias Fernandez to Mauricio Islas, he connected the ballon for Palmatoria Beausejour, who striked and made a fantastic goal!.

I think Chile coul'd made two or three goals more. But well, also there are to recognize that the honduran goalkeeper made one of the best saves of the cup against Waldo Ponce. I was screaming the goal while him was stopping the head shot, and i couldn't believe it our bad lucky. It was frustrasting.

At the end i was really nervous. But Chile didn't surrender and cointinously attacked to Honduras, but there no was more goals. Althought, i was happy because Chile won and the chilean players started very good their and our participation.

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  1. EXCELLENT MATCH...!!! and the goal of Palmatoria dont was fantastic, was lucky!

  2. Palmatoria is blue!!! the good game go in his blood! like me!! jaja