martes, 18 de mayo de 2010


We went to Pichilemu since Tuesday to Friday, and was very exciting and relaxing, because with our knowledgement were easy to us know to the nature of the evil earthquake and it consequences.
In my particular case, i went to the Bajel lake. A outrageous and curious lake very similar to a marsh bog. I applyed camellon metodology, a stranger way to analyze the symbiosis between nature and human life, based on paragraphic research on radicular tree’s systems than determine erosion on slopes.

At the late, we and a number of friends played soccer at the Beach and had a great time, because is very funny play at the sand; the ballon doesn’t wheel like it should.

Anyway. At the night I and my fellas dance and drink all night long. Someones of my friends drank a lot and get drunk! I saw them from another point of view. Althought i drank lot too beverages that tasted funny with my friend the spaniard Joge.
Also we ate many food, like steaks, fishes, vermicellis and vegetables, mixed with a variety of rare things like sugar.

That was part of the trip. It had other things like watch the match of University of Chile, eat enormous empanadas, testing people or just look the surfers. It was a great trip.

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