miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

Hail to the Post

My classmate below to me is Astrid. Her blog is very confortable, with many colours and paintings. In her last post, she put a wonderfull painting with strange colours like a drug allucination.
She has written six posts, including paintings, earthquakes and music. I believe she likes to read, because she was very happy with the creation of the printing machine. Also, I think she enjoyed the earthquake, because she told us that the movement of the floor at her house was amazing and surpraising.
She likes Joan Manuel Serrat, a spanish Singer, and specially the song called Touch Wood. Y like Serrat too, because i think he made a excellent work with the piece of poetry by Antonio Machado, the poem with the words "Walker, There’s not way, it’s makes way while you walk".
Finally, i found a great picture about a women and a moon. And she said, that the picture is part of her.

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