miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

Correction Post

This is the correction of a Astrid Post, my below classmate!

My favourite free time activity is painting (Painting or to paint – wrong form) . I love paint pictures. I like paint in oil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, etc. I really like all artistic crafts.
I try to paint tired, but sometimes I lack the time. Now, for example, I am painting a pictur, is an assignment and and I
(She, he or somebody will pay you, but not yourself, – wrong word) will pay for this. is the second time I sell a picture in my life, is very good and I am happy =)

I started to paint as a child. I did have (I had – wrong tense) seven years old approximately. I liked the colors (colours – spelling) and paintings..
since I started to paint I have not stopped until today. I Like
(it - something missing) very much!
I take
(took - wrong tense) (i was children) a few courses of painting with a teacher, I learned painting techniques, I was fun and useful.

I think I started to paint because I feel that art is a form of communication different and beautiful. with it I can express things that can not communicate with words. is a different world that I love.
I'm not a painter porfesional
(proffesional painter - wrong word) , but I think it looks good, I like my pictures, and others persons (other persons too - something missing), they told me that like my pictures. that is rewarding and makes me proud and happy.

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