miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

Magic words

I like the literature, from many years ago. When i was Young, with three years i read Papelucho, and from that moment i started to introduce myself at the world of words and feelings based on paper situations.
I used to read a different types of books, but always for childrens, so the main themes were topics like fantasy or fables. Until ten years old i enyojed with books of Alicia Morel, Marcela Paz or Jacqueline Balcells, at that moment i took the decision of know other types of books, like mystery, thriller, even scare. With autors like Edgar Allan Poe or Arthur Conan Doyle i expanded my capacity of imagine many types of situations including thiefts, detectives or even allucinations product of the mind. There are a story of Poe, called the “The fall of the Usher house” that comment about a men that lives at a minor when a body buried at the basement. And all the story turns on the allucinations of the main character until the house falls down.
But, i discovered that the literature will be part of me, when i found the dirty realism and the minimalism, a type of literatura that describes all around with a perfection of the cotidians situations that makes a whole world into a just one person. So the main characters are loosers and comoon people that fight for live with simple employments like postal officers, waitress, truck drivers or Woodcutters. Raymond Carver, speaks about them with single stories and short cuts. And Henry miller, Charles Bukowski or John Fante talk about theirselves lives. But they all have one thing in comoon, and that thing is the passion of write, even if they are unemployment, alcoholics or marginalized.
When i entered to my youth and discover the women world, i knewt that i posessed the capacity of express myself with the power of Words, but with the way to transform thee words in art: the poetry. A poem is a compostion written in verse using parametrees like rithms and measure, when a extremely charge of sentimental feelings and lyric components like metaphoric modes.

I always write when i'm sad or feel nostalgia about someone. But, if i'm inspired i take my pen and write stories to catch the attemption of everyone who want to hear me.

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  1. This is what you do best!!!!

    What do you feell nostalgic and sad when you write??....ah?

    See you men!

  2. oHHH!...
    Do you writes histories?what kind to histories?
    I love to just like you but I don't like writing.

    see you the next class..


  3. Hi Andres,

    I love reading and occasionally I try to write but I never get past a couple of pages. I like a lot of the authors you mention; Raymond Carver, Charles Bukowski, etc. Have you read Knut Hanson? Hunger is excellent.