martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

Playing with paper

When is was a child i like to played with paper. Yes, that is it, with paper. Well... the paper offers many possibilities; you can twist it, crushed it, draw in it or aplly fire or water and make new things.

I don’t know why, but i always used to play with paper. First i write a few words o do some drawings (i never was good making drawing), and then i wrinkled the paper and make ships wit it; since aircraft or space ships until battleships (and after i made sea battle on the shower).
I remembered that for some reason, always were papers at my home. My parents worked at the telephone company of Chile and they brought constantly notebooks (that ones where you write thing with a pencil, not the modern notebooks with plugs and lights, etc...). So in my first year like a baby, with a few months until the first year i only marked with a pilot marker and then when i grrew up i made simple letters or unique messages. But, i didn’t know that the writing is only for information, so i also destroy the paper and made funny thing with it.
My parents work during the day and my sister went to school at morning, so i was only with my babysitter while she did the homeworks (i went to garden school at the late). So passed many years until my sisters found and discovered that i can write, some of the reason that i conserve practically the same caligraphy of those days....

lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010

Gabriela Mistral

I think the greatest chilean in histoy and with so much difference is the poet woman and teacher Gabriela Mistral. She was one of summit of the latinoamerican poetry and won the nobel prize at 1945, the first prize after the second world war and the first woman that ever win the prize and the first latianomerican too.

She gained her motivation reading a few verses from his father and that was the one of the earliest reason for made her way of the poet. She can’t studied for be teacher because she didn’t have enough money, but with her knowledgement can reach the title of state teacher at the normal school of Chile.

Her first steps like poet was won the floreal games at the student federation of the University of Chile at the year 1914 with her work Death’s Sonets. Her seudonim is in honor to the french poet Frederick Mistral and the italian Gabriele d’Amunzio, her favourite poets.

I will not to say that she is better than Pablo Neruda, but her work for me is more spectacular, beautiful and full of sense speacially her work titled Desolation. I think that made the number of things that she did and won so much prestige around the world and elevate the chilean category at the world of letters is some that many people don’t appreaciate that they have to do. Actually theres people that have more discussion about her sexual condition and don’t know that it doesn’’t matter the condition of the human priorities, but the really import is the best that you do your life on the world. For me, Gabriela Mistral is the best that Chile has ever generated.

viernes, 5 de noviembre de 2010

Garbage Men

One job that is discriminated or, well seing not attractive for the common people is the one of trasher or like we know the “garbage guy”. Maybe is dirty and not recomendable, but i think that is not a boring job.

First, you need a good physical condition because you are always running behind the truck and you are beside the danger when your hands and feet are hanging on the truck. Also, you have to run and try to scape constantly of the dogs that try to catch you. And, over all this tips that you need to have, there are the principal reason of a great strong to take care the bags and don’t scrub the streets.

Other aspect that maybe will be interesting is the fact that if in the condition of a walker you see many strange and gorgeous things, being a garbage man will be more spectacular in the streets of city like Santiago that is so heterogenous and dangerous but always can be safely and attrative depending of the site that are you crossing.

When the job is done and you back to home, you only have to wash your body and care of the infectious of any scar. But, you will go to rest and prepare for another day crossing the city and cleaning every house that you find.

I don’t know nobody in this type of job, and maybe the people is not happy. But, if you don’t have problems with the bad smells and the sweeping craps, maybe you can reach a good physical form.

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

A one in one with a writer

One historical figure of the literature’s world is William Faullkner. He was one of the best writers in history and one the most important in USA, is commonly used like model for other writers because he had a amazing perception of the real world and the sentiments of the people. He knew so many of the intentions of true mind’s people that he developed a new form way to write: the multi narrator voice that allow to the reader see the story of the book for each character's perception and their opinions of the same fact or the withing monologue that reach the reasonement of the human condition. For these reasons and his magnificents works he won the nobel prize at 1949.

He is probably considered like the first modernist in the decade of 30’ at United State, following the tradition of writers of the size of James Joyce, Virginia Woolf or Marcel Proust, and will be the inspiration of many of contemproary sudamerican writers of the second half of the past century like Roberto Bolaño or Mario Vargas Llosa.
My questions would be like how he can survive in a world so bad and evil, but he knew that the worst form os evil is the human itself and a new perception of the actual society. Maybe he will andswerme with a new perspective and information that allows me get better at future like writer. And how he modeled so perfect the reality of the corruption and the perversion like in his book Sanctuary.

lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010

A Perfect Day

It seem that a perfect day is there when all things go perfect. And i had a day like that a couple of years ago. I’ ve been in many amazing places, beautiful enviroments or spectacular sites, but my best memories are here in Chile.

One day i had a date with a girl, she was my love of my youngest days in the school. That day all was perfect, since the departure near our homes, the walk cross the trees and squares of Santiago and all the moments with her. I remember that we ate donuts! and natural juices.
This was during my first year at university, and i was older and have more experencie, so i know that to do and how!. The day was so perfect that i didn’t want to fail with nothing, so i only walk with her and talk of many things. One the most important things was win her confidence.

Many years later, i kissed her in front oh her house bellow a beautiful tree. Nevertheless, i will always remember that first date That is my idea of a perfect day, that sentiment of well-being with someone that you really want to be, and make happy above all other things or problems.
Maybe in the future i will pass for difficults stages in my life, or maybe will have best experiences, more intenses or with many knowledge for my true spirit, but that memorie always will make me laugh or be happy, whenever i need it.

sábado, 16 de octubre de 2010

Sites to know in Santiago

A activitie that you should do in Santiago is, how not: eat and drink. Santiago is a big city full of strange places and sites where you can for a few coins or money buy a different types of food and afford you to know different aspects of the life, or in other words, marginal life.

If you want decent places you can eat good meats, specially t-bones steaks in the Good Boys!, or like we call “los Buenos Muchachos” in the commune of Estación Central. Or maybe you preffer a sandwich, sites like Django or the German Source (Fuente Alemana) can provide you huge and enormeous sandwiches of all types. But, if you want only chilean meals, you can visit el Hoyo, or in the Shakespeare language: the Hole. This restaurant has arrollados, perniles, tongues, costillars and other chilean typical foods. But also has drinks, a lot of drinks, and the most recommended is the “terremoto” (earthquake or actually the eight-point-eight), this beverage consist in pipeño (white wine) with pineapple ice-cream and a touch of granadine. There other establishments that have drinks like this, and you cand found in la Piojera (near our faculty) or las Tejas.

Talking about drinks. You can travel for the all the Alameda avenue and i have the certaince that you will find a lot of hundred of differents bars. There’s those with karaokes, with dance floor, with a lot of smoke, with junkers music machines, with silence and darkness, everything that you want. My favorite is one located near Baquedano, cross the Italia’ square. Don’t miss that one!, his name is Blasco.

jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

Bio-Bio Persa

I don’t really like to buy things, or common things like clothe o fornitures. It seems that I can’t cross for a mall. I think is for the lights, the sounds and other types or perception caption that my mind can’t hold on. I know many types of malls, and in each country the malls are the same thing!
But, there’s one type of shop that I like: the second-hand shops or like we know: the ferias. There one specially that I really enjoy to be at the place: the bio-bio persa. I don’t know why that second hand shop have that name, maybe the reason is a street, but the street is Franklin, so…

The first time that I went to that site was a long time ago, when I was a child. My father took me there to buy me a toy. When I was a child I didn’t have many toys, so I was really excited that day. My father bought me a gorilla (oh my god! I really remember that gorilla).
So, from many years ago I’ve been learning each hiding place of persa bio bio and really it’s a amazing place: a site of extreme black market with things that you couldn’t find in other site or shop.

When I pass to my young time, I started to look for second-hands shop, and since that days I’ve bought many books, some of that I hardly could find in normally libraries, even in public libraries (not in the ones that you can buy books). For that reason, my favourite place to shop is the persa bio-bio; every time that I go I earned a new book!
PD: By the way, now the persa have web page! This tool didin’t exist in my time!

sábado, 2 de octubre de 2010

Fiestas Patrias

Hi everybody
I’m going to talk about my fiestas patrias holydays. At first, i like to say that i went to Antumapu fonda with my classmates one week before the celebrations started and i had a really great time. With my friends we enjoyed drinking earthquakes and dancing cueca while a chilean band played typical songs in the middle of a great forest, because this is the faculty of agrarian sciencies.
This was a great opening for the bicentenary of our country, because at the week of celebrations i visited my family and made many activies, like barbecues or to elevate volantin at the yard. I really drank a lot, specialy beers and chilean wine.
I remembered my youngers days, when i was a child, the fiestas patrias was much better; because my grandfathers was alive. They really enjoyed the parties and teach chilean games to all their grandsons like the spin or the rayuela.

Anyway. The best thing of all, was one week after at the fonda Fau. This celebration is the biggest act that you can found at University of Chile, and people of every faculty came to celebrate with us. The agora was full of people, maybe thousands. So many people that it was very diffcult to cross from one side to another and very easy to lost yourself!. I enjoyed with my friends and get very drunk, but because that i can see many differents things and got fun with people of other carreers or from design, other Fau’s carreer. I remember drank a lot of ponche’s cup.

martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010

Students for Chile

Since many years ago, the education in chile had low it power against the trade and the laws of the market. In this sense, the public schools and universities, like our, had been punched by the government who wants to increase the prices of the careers.
The real problem is the AFD (or DFA in english - direct fiscal aport). The actual government, leaded by the president of Chile from the right wing (piñera, a real bad men) and the ministery of education wants to dissappear the AFD for all the public universities and convert in a collective investmen scheme who involve the public and the private universities. This policy is bad for the public school of the north and south of the country, because they can't compete with the private university who has amazing mounts of money. For example, to the majoritie of public universities will go young students of low resources, and they will obligatory has to choose a credit or some type of financiment with schoolarships. But the gevernment wants to remove the solidary credit (it has 2% interest rate) too, and set the private credits like the one of the banks (with at least 8% interest rate).
For this reason the students ledt their pens and books and confront against the government with strikes and movement for the education. But, the bad think in my opinion, is that many ministers were at the "national union movement" in their younger years. Like Hinzpeter and other ministers, this movement align the students that lean and support the goverment of the dictatorship times... so they are a really gloomy and dismal people.

I was at the two times when the police attack our faculty with lacrimogen bombs and watergun cars. It was really scare, because with the gas we couln't breath and see anything, and was very painful.
The first time i was left soak from feet to head and with a extreme smell of lacrimogen gas. Affortunadly the people of Antumapu who was with us, prepared a fire and all of us can to dry.
The last attack was the last Thursday. At least seven or eight lacrimogen bombs fall into the faculty and many classrooms was affected too. But the worst thing was the rubber bullets . The police say after the attack that had been paintballs, but i was there and saw really danger rubber bullets. It was terrible...

martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

Radiohead in Chile

Hi everybody, i’m going to talk about a great concert i went last year, at march. Arround the last days of that month, came to chile the band called Radiohead. That was the first time that arrived to Chile, and everybody was happy.
I woke up that day so excited that i didn’t go to class and waited my partner Rafael at Ñuble Station. We walked and cross the streets arround National Stadium looking for the entry, and finally our searching gave us the regard of found the concert at 12:00 p.m.
This band is from england, and their leader is Tom Yorke. They have a extraordinay song, called “Creep”, released in 1992. That was the first song played at the concert, and ALL the people song it. It was awful becaude i can’t listened anything.
The illumination was amazing, and i was frightened with the combination. I was very weird, with colours between blue and silver cross large glasses.

I enjoyed very much with the songs specially with “House of Cards” and “2 + 2 =5” because the people turned crazy annd jum and scream a lot. But at least they allowed us to listened the songs.
When appeared the song called “Paranoid Android” was like a allucinations because the people started to move slowly with the electric keyboard and the voice solo while a suspect scent cross the air and smell funny.
When the concert was finished, i bought a beautiful flag of the band and ate a hot dog. After that i went to my sis´ house and enyoed with my memories.

martes, 17 de agosto de 2010

Milk bath

Hi everybody, i’m back and i’m going to talk about a extreme activity that i would like to do. This activity involve some illegal substance like milk. Because i want to swim in milk, but unfortunately milk’s lakes don’t exist and even less a whole ocean of milk. So, i’m would like to try take a bath in a shower of milk, pure milk, that one white and creamy.

Well, the first problem are the pipes. Usally contains water, and not milk. So the first step is to fill the bathtub with milk, until the top. That way, you can make a wonderful splash. You owe have your own jacuzzi, because is even better with milk (i think), because you can make bubbles so is the same efffect than dive into a milkshake.

I don’t know nobody that ever tryed a thing like this. But, i used to hear comments about the magic that it is. I think everybody coul’d have the opportunity of a milk’s bath (under their own risk). But, the good thing is have the security that if you are drowning in milk, you can swallow everything and even feel good because the milk has calcium and makes grown your bones.

So, after this, i think i’m gonna try putting my fingers into milk. I think they are going to be very happy and clean, and is the first aproximity to the big enter to the milk’s world. After that i shoul’d taste them, maybe will have great flavour.
Maybe i should buy a hundred litres for starting...

martes, 29 de junio de 2010

The Lady of Shallot

This is a beautiful poem; a ballad by Lord Tennyson based on Arthurian leyends.

And by the moon the reaper weary,
Piling sheaves in uplands airy,
Listening, whispers, " 'Tis the fairy
She knows not what the curse may be,
And so she weaveth steadily,
And little other care hath she,
All in the blue unclouded weather
Thick-jewell'd shone the saddle-leather,
The helmet and the helmet-feather
Burn'd like one burning flame together,
Out flew the web and floated wide-
The mirror crack'd from side to side;
"The curse is come upon me," cried
"Who is this? And what is here?"
And in the lighted palace near
Died the sound of royal cheer;
And they crossed themselves for fear,
But Lancelot mused a little space
He said, "She has a lovely face;
God in his mercy lend her grace,
The Lady of Shalott."
There too a paint by William Waterhouse, and ilustrate another part of the ballad

And down the river's dim expanse
Like some bold seer in a trance,
Seeing all his own mischance—
With glassy countenance
Did she look to Camelot.
And at the closing of the day
She loosed the chain, and down she lay;
The broad stream bore her far away,
The Lady of Shalott

miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

Chile started the road to the championship!

This morning, my father woke up me at 6:30 a.m. because he and my mother went to work very early to watch the match at their jobs.

I was watching videos and other thing, until the national song. At that moment, i stop doing thing and got concentrated for watch the match of Chile and Honduras.
Was a really exciting and great start for Chile. We attacked for each sides, minute at minute and push Honduras to their own side of the camp.

When we made the first goal was excellent!. After a great play of our team and a excellent pass of Matias Fernandez to Mauricio Islas, he connected the ballon for Palmatoria Beausejour, who striked and made a fantastic goal!.

I think Chile coul'd made two or three goals more. But well, also there are to recognize that the honduran goalkeeper made one of the best saves of the cup against Waldo Ponce. I was screaming the goal while him was stopping the head shot, and i couldn't believe it our bad lucky. It was frustrasting.

At the end i was really nervous. But Chile didn't surrender and cointinously attacked to Honduras, but there no was more goals. Althought, i was happy because Chile won and the chilean players started very good their and our participation.

lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

Great Goalkeeper

He is Robert Green and is my hero! We proved to all of us that everybody can play like goalkeeper. He made an amazing stop against USA that unliking for him (and Simon) finished at the goal.
In other aspects, the match between these two teams (England and USA) was boried, and without spirit. I wanna see patriotic players or with national feelings!. But, no good neews for me, there was nothing of that.
The score of the match finally was: One for England and one for Usa.
Bye bye

lunes, 7 de junio de 2010


My best holiday summer was in 2003 at Las Vegas, Nevada.

Really, it was a strange travel. And in fact, was in summer! because here in Chile we were on winter, but at USA was a beauty summer.
First, we arrived at LA, California. After a trip of fourteen hours. It was really hard, because there was a scale at Lima, and joined us many peruvian people. I am not racist, but it was annoying the baby's screams at the plane. I think that people maybe were for work, but who knows...

Was very hard understand the functioning of the airport system and air departures. We only had one hour to take the transfer to Las Vegas and we couldn't find our bags. Anyway, all finish good, but one time at the plane, was a United Nations airplane, not a Lan plane. That airline was on bankrupty, and the plane was very strange. It couldn't take enouugh velocity for rise up and fall on earth with a great sound like a BUM!. I was really scare, but the people didn't give many importance. The second try was success.
Las Vegas was amazing, very hot and rain continously; tropical rains two or three times at day and very shortly (five or ten minutes).
The city is in the northest of the Mojave Desert, so imaging that place...


If you think that you only go to Las Vegas to play at the casinos you are wrong! extremely wrong!

The hotels are the best atraction of the city, because they are small cities in fact!. They have everything, malls, zoos, arts galleries, dance halls, museums, restaurants, electronic games, even rivers!!!.
The hotels represent different cultures, like the egipcian, the medieval, or big cities such as New York, Paris or the old Rome. In it you can see the principal atractives of each one, like in New York the halls are the streets of that city! even with the fog out of the sewers.

Althought, how may be, the gambling machine are everywhere. A lots of them on big halls or rooms with all classes of games: poker, fortune's wheel, blackjack, dices, etc.. etc... If you are under age (18), you can't pass though the machines, but you can't play. And the clothes doesn't matters (like in Chile, where you may have etiquet or suit cloth...), only they want you don't run naked.
Perhaps the interest of the casino's owners is win your money, because evertything else is very cheap. My hotel at the centre costed about 15 dollars per night for three persons (yes, you read good), and the breakfast was fantastic (but fat): french fries, onions, eggs and bacon!. Everyday!.

I always going to remember the Bellagio Hotel with it fantastic water music show

domingo, 6 de junio de 2010

My favorite subject

My favorite subject at Geography is climatology!!! or well, was when i had that subjet. The climatology try yo explain the differents ways of the air knowledgement and the atmospherics process of the earth planet.
In fact, is the study of climate, defined as weather conditions averaged over a period of time and is a branch of the atmospferic sciences. The study of this aspects, and other effects and any air system have on the atmosphere, include the meteorology, and the atmospheric chemistry and physics with focus on weather forecasting. The changes, short and long, at time, define average climate and their change of time, due to both natural an anthropogenic climate varability.

For this and other reasons i like this subject. And also there are a many differents types of clouds, like nimbus or cirrus. They are amazing, because you can always look the sky and see differents thing at each one!

miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

My little buddy

My friend Javier

He study Arquitecture at University of Santiago of Chile. But he really is a extraordinary painter and musician.

I know him from the school since we were at secundary. He became one of my best friend when we race together the catholic program of pre-universitarian students.
I always drink with him, it makes me laugh and we talk about different ways of art. Because i love the arts of words and he the arts of the colours and sounds. Ussually i pay the beverages and he the food (because he has tickets).

We never calculate good when we drink, so often we are very drunk...

We used to trick the sopaipillas sailors at the preu exit, at Santiago's downtown. Like one time when we buy a lot of sopaipillas only with one coin (i know a wonderful hand trick).

I missed him, because he coul'd be at my same faculty or like you know "the FAU". But i'm pretty sure that he is very happy at that university, and i hope that he will be a great architect and i can always see him when we going to drink beers. And believe me, we drink a lot.


I deciced study Geography for many reasons.

There a long time between these days and those far days when i finished the school. I was a pre-university student at catholic program of Catholic university. Nevertheless i enjoyed going out before the classes being over, and go to food carts with my friends, and always laugh a lot and very loud at classes producing the angry of my teachers.

When I did the PSU, i decided that the test would choose my life. Any of my destinies will be that of my score.
However, i always love the literature, but i know that a good Writer it’s made of auto-didactic and personal training, not with the opinions of other persons, specially teachers.

My score on PSU (660 aprox.) don’t allow me to study big carreers like law, sociology or history. But i really didn’t want be a person like that, like a teacher, or historian and less a lawyer!!!

So I had to choose between have a type of formation on literature that could makes me a little better or…. study a beauty carrer like a hobby, because I really longed for the University; a carrer that would give me time for my passion, the literature and the writing.

I chose good.

martes, 18 de mayo de 2010


We went to Pichilemu since Tuesday to Friday, and was very exciting and relaxing, because with our knowledgement were easy to us know to the nature of the evil earthquake and it consequences.
In my particular case, i went to the Bajel lake. A outrageous and curious lake very similar to a marsh bog. I applyed camellon metodology, a stranger way to analyze the symbiosis between nature and human life, based on paragraphic research on radicular tree’s systems than determine erosion on slopes.

At the late, we and a number of friends played soccer at the Beach and had a great time, because is very funny play at the sand; the ballon doesn’t wheel like it should.

Anyway. At the night I and my fellas dance and drink all night long. Someones of my friends drank a lot and get drunk! I saw them from another point of view. Althought i drank lot too beverages that tasted funny with my friend the spaniard Joge.
Also we ate many food, like steaks, fishes, vermicellis and vegetables, mixed with a variety of rare things like sugar.

That was part of the trip. It had other things like watch the match of University of Chile, eat enormous empanadas, testing people or just look the surfers. It was a great trip.

miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

Correction Post

This is the correction of a Astrid Post, my below classmate!

My favourite free time activity is painting (Painting or to paint – wrong form) . I love paint pictures. I like paint in oil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, etc. I really like all artistic crafts.
I try to paint tired, but sometimes I lack the time. Now, for example, I am painting a pictur, is an assignment and and I
(She, he or somebody will pay you, but not yourself, – wrong word) will pay for this. is the second time I sell a picture in my life, is very good and I am happy =)

I started to paint as a child. I did have (I had – wrong tense) seven years old approximately. I liked the colors (colours – spelling) and paintings..
since I started to paint I have not stopped until today. I Like
(it - something missing) very much!
I take
(took - wrong tense) (i was children) a few courses of painting with a teacher, I learned painting techniques, I was fun and useful.

I think I started to paint because I feel that art is a form of communication different and beautiful. with it I can express things that can not communicate with words. is a different world that I love.
I'm not a painter porfesional
(proffesional painter - wrong word) , but I think it looks good, I like my pictures, and others persons (other persons too - something missing), they told me that like my pictures. that is rewarding and makes me proud and happy.

Hail to the Post

My classmate below to me is Astrid. Her blog is very confortable, with many colours and paintings. In her last post, she put a wonderfull painting with strange colours like a drug allucination.
She has written six posts, including paintings, earthquakes and music. I believe she likes to read, because she was very happy with the creation of the printing machine. Also, I think she enjoyed the earthquake, because she told us that the movement of the floor at her house was amazing and surpraising.
She likes Joan Manuel Serrat, a spanish Singer, and specially the song called Touch Wood. Y like Serrat too, because i think he made a excellent work with the piece of poetry by Antonio Machado, the poem with the words "Walker, There’s not way, it’s makes way while you walk".
Finally, i found a great picture about a women and a moon. And she said, that the picture is part of her.

miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

Magic words

I like the literature, from many years ago. When i was Young, with three years i read Papelucho, and from that moment i started to introduce myself at the world of words and feelings based on paper situations.
I used to read a different types of books, but always for childrens, so the main themes were topics like fantasy or fables. Until ten years old i enyojed with books of Alicia Morel, Marcela Paz or Jacqueline Balcells, at that moment i took the decision of know other types of books, like mystery, thriller, even scare. With autors like Edgar Allan Poe or Arthur Conan Doyle i expanded my capacity of imagine many types of situations including thiefts, detectives or even allucinations product of the mind. There are a story of Poe, called the “The fall of the Usher house” that comment about a men that lives at a minor when a body buried at the basement. And all the story turns on the allucinations of the main character until the house falls down.
But, i discovered that the literature will be part of me, when i found the dirty realism and the minimalism, a type of literatura that describes all around with a perfection of the cotidians situations that makes a whole world into a just one person. So the main characters are loosers and comoon people that fight for live with simple employments like postal officers, waitress, truck drivers or Woodcutters. Raymond Carver, speaks about them with single stories and short cuts. And Henry miller, Charles Bukowski or John Fante talk about theirselves lives. But they all have one thing in comoon, and that thing is the passion of write, even if they are unemployment, alcoholics or marginalized.
When i entered to my youth and discover the women world, i knewt that i posessed the capacity of express myself with the power of Words, but with the way to transform thee words in art: the poetry. A poem is a compostion written in verse using parametrees like rithms and measure, when a extremely charge of sentimental feelings and lyric components like metaphoric modes.

I always write when i'm sad or feel nostalgia about someone. But, if i'm inspired i take my pen and write stories to catch the attemption of everyone who want to hear me.

miércoles, 21 de abril de 2010

The hell will be for them

The Pope will confront the injurities against the catholic church, and will punish the possible culprits at cases involucrating violations of childrens.


I'm going to talk about a movie that i recently watched. The movie is Gattaca, a movie ambiented in a not far future of our lives. The main plot is the liberal eugenic, a form of control de genetic information of the people.
The main character interpreted by Ethan Hawke, is a not appropiate human to the proyect of moon's travels, because only the upper clases childrens are selected by a implantation of genetic diagnosis to ensure the posesse of the best form of hereditary gens.
A genetic registry data identify intantly the non valid humans, so they can't work in the best jobs of the center of space research. So they are relegated to a low job. He met a valid human (Jude Law) that is dissapointed of his life and lost faith, from he was second in a race and after lost his legs in a crush, who helped him whit his gens.

I liked this movie because has a elevate concept of the fight for the humans rights, indepents of our natural conditions; everybody can have a real life and a important job if they folow their dreams.

I enjoyed the music theme too. The last moments of the film are very sentimental, and this song is played at the end:

miércoles, 14 de abril de 2010

A day for record

That day i was in my home. After watch the last moments of the chilean festival of Viña del Mar, because i arrived of a longest journey and i was sleeping all day, so i was very lucid.

Because i couldn't fall into a dream state, i was reading a book when the earth started to move. First, i thought it was a simple tremor, but a in a few seconds my room's floor started to shake in a fast way. Instead i downed the stairs, and found my parents on the house's porch.

I remembered that all my glasses, dishes and other stuffs were falling and crushing like paper, and the sound was horrific. I got really scare when the sky was lumined with the explosions of the steetlighrs and the burglars surround all my neighborhood.

Afther the tragedy, my house was fine, and dind't suffer estructural damage. But my things, they were everywhere! and in a bad state

miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010

The video game consoles

A video game console is and interactive system of entertainment by a type of hardware that produces video display signal which can be used to play games, through a television connected to it. It's very simple, clean and you can obtain a lot of diversion's hours.

We have video game consoles from 1950, but one point of inflexion (well, a important point for our generation) was the enter of the third generation, when the 8 bits arrived. And representing this new era, the Nintendo Entertainment System(abbreviated NES or Nintendo), released by Nintendo in 1985.

Who didn't play Mario Bros. in his youth? (really! tell me who!).

The videogames are very relaxing, and sometimes, very adictives. The NES had one of the most importants games ever, that made a lot of persons buy the console only to play THIS!!!

Somebody finish this game?

For those reasons, i consider the video game console an important revolution in the technolgy market of our lives.

miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010


Some time ago, i was playing Fifa Street, when an unexpected song came through the audio speakers. The song was called "Munich" (yes, like the city) and the compositor was a curious band called The Editors.
They are a British indie rock band formed in Birminham in 2002. The lead vocal, and piano is tom Smith and the lead guitarrist is Chris Urbanowicz.
This song was released with the first album of the band, and also was the first single of them.
I usually listen it when i play the game. It is one song of the game's soundtrack. It's great for me because the rhythm is very sticky, and the lyrics speak about the fragile of our dreams and how we loose the hope easily instead we fail in some targets of our lifes. The song is so great, that the famous band R.E.M. made a cover of it!

So, here is it

I'm so glad I found this
I"m so glad I did
I'm so glad I found this
I'm so glad I did

People are fragile things
you should know by now
be careful what you put them through
people are frgile things
you should know by now
you'll speak when you're spoken to

It breaks when you don't force it
It breaks when you don't try
It breaks if you don't force it
It breaks if you don't try

People are fragile things
you should know by now
be careful what you put them through
people are frgile things
you should know by now
you'll speak when you're spoken to

With one hand you calm me
with one hand I'm steel

with one hand you calm me
with one hand I'm steel

People are fragile things
you should know by now
be careful what you put them through
people are frgile things
you should know by now
you'll speak when you're spoken to


you'll speak when you're spoken to
you'll speak when you're spoken to
he'll speak when he's spoken to
she'll speak when she's spoken to

miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2010

A New Beginning

Seign all his own sunrise

at the class of the day

we loosed the chain, win the lay

in this beginning of the rise